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Course Completion Process

  1. Access the online course learning material
  2. Advance through the material:
    • Study each page and listen to the audio lecture, then click on the advance grow to proceed to the next page.
    • Complete all Self-Check Questions and grade your answer using the “Check my Answer” button that provides feedback on the correct answer.
    • Complete the Final Assessment that is the final module of the course material. The Final Assessment has 50 multiple choice questions and you must achieve a score of 90% or higher in order to receive your completion certificate. You may retake the Final Assessment if you do not receive a 90% or higher.
  3. After successfully completing the Final Assessment, return to the Topic Outline and complete the one question Course Agreement, where you will attest that you have completed the Course Learning Material.
  4. After devoting 150 minutes in the course content and final assessment, achieving a 90% or better on the Assessment, you will be able to receive your Completion Certificate by clicking on the Certificate of Completion that is included in Item 2 of the Top Outline.

List of Our Courses​

  1. Federal Fair Housing Law – 3 hours of Fair Housing
    • You will review and understand the Fair Housing Laws and the responsibilities related to fair housing for the real estate agent.
  2. Commissioner’s Standards Update – 3 hours of Commissioner’s Standards
    • You will review the License Laws and Commissioner’s Rules after which you will be able to comply with your responsibilities and obligations.
  3. Contract Law – 3 hours of Contract Law
    • you will review the definition and classification of contracts, the elements of a valid contract, mutual agreement issues, discharge and transfer and other legal actions.
  4. Principles of Agency Law – 3 hours of Agency Law
    • You will review the Law of Agency, duties owed to the principal and the customer, as well as disclosure obligations and dual agency.
  5. Licensee Disclosure and Obligations – 3 hours of Disclosure
    • You will review Disclosure Law including statutory and Commissioner’s requirements, obligations to clients, reasonable care, due diligence, and dealing fairly with non-clients.
  6. Arizona Property Tax – 3 hours of Real Estate Legal Issues
    • You will study real property tax liens; how real property values are determined for assessment, appealing assessed values, delinquent taxes, lien sales, and redemption of tax liens.
  7. Tax Deferred Exchanges – 3 hours Real Estate Legal Issues
    • You will study capital gains, income tax law, and the advantages and requirements of 1031 tax deferred exchanges. This includes like kind properties, holding periods, boot and tax basis.
  8. Income Tax Law – Real Estate – 3 hours Real Estate Legal Issues
    • You will review income tax laws relative to the ownership of real property including Passive Loss Restrictions, sales of real property, and tax advantages of owning a home.